Landscape Design and Build

CUI uses fully licensed landscape architects that coordinate with our installation crews to ensure that the end result follows every detail you had in mind. Communication between you, the customer, and our project managers further guarantees a quick and thorough installation/renovation with your ideas in mind at each step. We take pride in the beauty of our designs and their ability to endure that beauty over time. That is why with every installation we keep “ease of maintenance” in mind. Our construction crews are capable of handling projects of all sizes and budgets, from commercial and residential installations/renovations, to complete site makeovers.

Benefits of Choosing CUI for Your Installation Needs:

  • “Ease of maintenance” well after project is completed.
  • Superior installation and design with budgets in mind.
  • Quick and thorough design and installation process.
  • Designs that have long term beauty in mind.
  • Capacity to handle any size projects.
  • A workforce that is committed to each job and the satisfaction of completing that job to the customer’s specifications.

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