August 30, 2021

Planning a Makeover? Why Fall is the Best Time to Install a Patio

As temperatures start to dip, you’ll be getting excited for cookouts and campfires in the backyard. And those aren’t the only reasons you might want to schedule patio installation for the fall! Turns out, there are a variety of other advantages, too. If you’re planning a backyard makeover, read below to find several reasons why you should make that makeover happen in the fall.

Fall is Perfect for Pouring Concrete

The best temperature for pouring concrete is between 50 and 60 degrees. With that, you’ll want a span of days without rain in the forecast so the concrete can properly cure. In most areas, spring means lots of rainy days. Summer temperatures are high enough that concrete will need to be sprayed with water regularly to prevent it from becoming brittle while it cures, and winter temperatures are a no-go since concrete might cure too slowly or even freeze. That makes fall the perfect time to pour.

It’s the Perfect Time to Put Down Pavers, Too

The weather is cool enough to make working outdoors easier, and it’s also dry enough that rain shouldn’t interfere too much with any excavating you may need to do to put the pavers down.

Your Landscape is Starting to Go Dormant

And that means there is less risk of damaging landscape plants during the patio installation process. You’ll be able to trim back dying leaves and stems without worrying about whether workers will accidentally trample them or somehow damage the dormant root systems below.

Fall is the Best Time to Seed and Feed Your Lawn

Chances are, you’ll have to do a bit of excavation to make a base for pavers or a concrete patio—and that may well lead to some bare patches that will need to be reseeded once the patio itself is finished. Fall comes with the warm soil and cool air that grass seed needs to develop healthy roots before winter rolls around. You can fertilize trampled grass now, too, to help it come back thicker and greener next year.

You Might Score Great Deals on Closeouts

Shopping for pavers, patio furniture, or an awesome new firepit? By late summer and early fall, many home improvement stores are cycling out their summertime inventory in favor of snow shovels, snow blowers, and driveway salt. Now is your chance to shop around for deals on the things you need for a patio makeover!

You Might Get Deals on Labor, Too

Spring and summer are the busy months for landscapers and builders, while winter doesn’t see a whole lot of action at all. Builders and landscapers might be offering deals to attract clients so they can get in a few more jobs before the winter slow season hits.

As you can see, just because fall is approaching, that doesn’t mean you have to start packing up for winter. It’s a great time to give your outdoor living space the makeover it needs—plus you’ll still have a few balmy weeks left to enjoy it.


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